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MPower International Association (MPIA) is a business organization with two main commitments to our members: raising the standard of martial arts and providing true benefits. We strive to use our vast network of martial arts industry members to develop and circulate ideas, services and products that address the growing needs of today’s business demands.

An MPIA membership provides access to articles, audio and videos that explore both the creative and business approaches behind marketing, customer service, management and training techniques. Members also have access to original marketing materials that are customizable to your business’s specific needs including posters, flyers, print ads, postcards, social media content, and seminar and holiday packages.

Our members can take advantage of networking and business growth initiatives through our annual MPIA Summit; MPIA-hosted regional events and conferences; MPIA Pathways which focuses on business, leadership and financial planning; Science of Success seminars; and the many other MPIA-Sponsored events. Members can network with innovative and engaging speakers at these gatherings. You will find programming in North America, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Can’t make it to any events or you want personalized expertise? No problem, members have access to a number of highly successful coaches who will work with them to identify, understand and improve all aspects of their business. 

The MPIA "one-stop-shop" website also features a Martial Arts Marketplace. This online shop gives our members access to some of the best systems, services and products available at members-only discounts through our industry buying power.

An MPIA membership which includes all of the above and more, costs only $89/month. To sign up, click here!.


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    When someone asks me what the biggest turnaround that made our school successful was, I always say that there were two things. Joining MPIA was the first. The second was that we formed a black belt club, which is crucial to long-term retention, which MPIA helped us with.

    Bill Taylor
    07 February 2016

    When I first met Mr. Cokinos way back in the early ’80s, I was running a small kung fu school, and I was happy because I was doing better than all the other schools around me. Mr. Cokinos showed me the possibilities and helped me become a professional martial artist. MPIA is like AAA; you can call them if you are lost or need help. Even though business practices have changed, MPIA’s mission has remained the same. MPIA is not a collection company. It truly cares about a school’s success.

    Dennis Brown
    07 August 2015